"something of an extraordinary nature will turn up..."

Mr. Micawber in Dickens' David Copperfield

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October 26th, 2005

General Motors has been prominent in the news lately, most recently regarding the bankruptcy of Delphi Automotive Systems, the recently-independent successor to the United Motors parts subsidiary. The troubles of this emancipated child are only one symptom of a larger corporate struggle. It’s been popular lately for pundits to call The General a “health care….
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October 19th, 2005

I remember distinctly my first meeting with a Riley. It was an RMD drophead coupe like this one, and it belonged to cartoonist Robert Osborn, a friend of my parents. The illustrator of, inter alia, John Keats’ 1958 book The Insolent Chariots, which excoriated the excesses of 1950s Detroit, Osborn might seem an unlikely Riley….
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October 12th, 2005

In 1905, Milton Hershey built a chocolate factory in south central Pennsylvania. Over the next few years he built a model town around it, and began construction of an amusement park. Fifty years later, the newly-chartered Hershey Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America held their first National Fall Meet at Hershey. It rained,….
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October 5th, 2005

Not so long ago we pondered this timbered Mopar. In 1946, Chrysler printed literature for five wood-bodied cars, but put only two of them, the Town & Country convertible and the Town and Country sedan, into production. According to author and historian Richard Langworth, seven “Club Coupes,” which were really an early manifestation of the….
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Serendipity: n. An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.
“They were always making discoveries, by accident and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of.”
Horace Walpole, The Three Princes of Serendip
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